Sociology A-Level

Course Overview

Entry Qualifications

In addition to the standard College entry requirements (see below) a minimum of grade 5 in GCSE English Language is required.

What will I study?

Students will study the following two core themes: Socialisation, culture and identity social differentiation, power and stratification. The themes are taught through the three exam units:

• Education with Theory and Methods

• Topics in Sociology (Family and Beliefs)

• Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

How will I study?

Studying takes place in large mixed ability groups with the emphasis on student-centred learning. Students are expected to take an active part in lessons – this involves presentations and debates that will enable to students to critically reflect on their own values.

Sociology is made up of substantial factual information which ranges from research studies and concepts to theory and methodologies. Students are expected to revise and learn these and employ them effectively to master exam technique and extended essay writing. Students are also expected to keep up to date with contemporary issues not only in the UK but also in the globalised world we live in today.

How is the course examined?

The A-level consists of three exams taken at the end of the second year which will combine elements of your learning from the full two-year course. There is no assessment by coursework. The exams are largely made up of extended essays.

Where next?

Sociology provides students with critical thinking skills that are useful in a wide range of careers, especially in a knowledge-based society undergoing the most dramatic changes experienced since the Industrial Revolution. A Sociology qualification can be used for most teaching, management, business, social care/work and law-based career areas and jobs.

What does the course combine well with?

Sociology can be combined with any other course.

College Entry Requirements

We normally expect applicants to have achieved good GCSE passes in at least six subjects, these must:

• demonstrate the suitability for Advanced Level study

• have been achieved at Grade 4/C as a minimum

• include two at Grade 5/B as a minimum

• include English Language – a minimum grade of 4/C

Mathematics – If not achieved within the scope of the above should normally be achieved at grade 3/D. If mathematics is not achieved at grade 4/C then it will be a requirement to continue to study at the correct level until a grade 4 is achieved. Subjects with a mathematical content will require a higher grade.