Enrichment Opportunities

When you ask students what they like about the College, they frequently highlight our enrichment opportunities. We are proud of our tradition of offering students additional courses and activities that broaden their WQE experience, and develop their personal skills.

All of our first-year students and most of our second years follow a timetabled enrichment course; some may complement examinable subjects, while others help develop skills that may be important for higher education, employment or simply adult life.

Enrichments are designed to closely meet the needs of students; responding to the outcome of a student survey and focus groups. The programme allows you to choose a ‘theme’ for your enrichment that may be more closely linked to your academic study, future progression plans or personal interests.

Consider what enrichment you might choose at enrolment and why and how what you do might enhance your CV and/or prepare you for your next step and the future as you firm up progression plans.

For our full list of timetabled enrichments, click here.

Do More @ WQE

In addition to our timetabled enrichments, we offer a range of student societies, masterclasses and activities for students to join as an optional enrichment.

See below for examples of students choosing to 'Do More @ WQE'.