Ofsted Report

Following an inspection by Ofsted in April 2024, WQE has been rated as a Good Sixth Form College overall.  This reflects the Good ratings achieved in all categories, including the quality of education provided. 

The summary judgements by Ofsted in their report are as follows;

  • Overall effectiveness is Good
  • The quality of education is Good
  • Behaviour and attitudes is Good
  • Personal development is Good
  • Leadership and management is Good
  • Education programmes for young people are Good

The report recognised and praised many of the strengths of the College including;

Our students and their development

“students value the welcoming, inclusive and studious atmosphere

“most students develop significant new knowledge, skills and behaviours. They are well prepared for their next steps. The large majority of students who study at level 3 make progress to undergraduate courses”

“students develop their confidence and character during their studies. They develop knowledge of professional presentational skills, and of personal qualities that they will need to be successful at work and at university.”

Our teachers

students “appreciate the high expectations that teachers have of them, and the way in which they treat them like young adults. ”

“teachers are experts in their subjects, and have suitable qualifications for their roles. They use their knowledge and experience well to teach lively and engaging lessons, and to make clear to students the links between different topics. Teachers also
revisit and revise topics effectively, to help students remember what they study.”

“teachers also use practice activities effectively to help students consolidate the new knowledge and skills they gain. ”

Our culture and supportive environment

“college staff at all levels ensure that the college is an inclusive environment, which reflects the diverse student body”

“students feel safe at the college sites.

“a welfare and support team offers bespoke help to vulnerable groups of students, such as young carers and looked after children. Students cover topics such as LGBTQ+ rights and misogyny as part of their courses, which teachers link effectively to British values such as individual liberty.”

Our ‘Young Professionals’ philosophy and preparation for the future

“On many courses, students benefit from links to employers, which enhance their knowledge of possible career paths.”

“leaders and managers provide a broad range of careers information, advice and guidance to students. Students have access to individualised careers interviews to help them plan their possible next steps, as well as careers fairs, university exhibitions, and talks from industry experts.”

Our curriculum and wider opportunities

“staff plan and organise curriculums logically. They select topics that are relevant to students’ future career and study goals.”

“students also plan and run a significant number of college societies and events, such as debating societies and faith groups.”

Our ambitions and next steps

Whilst staff are rightly proud of the positive report received, we naturally have ambitions to keep improving and are ready to make even further strides forward in the years ahead.  In this respect the report recognises that “both leaders and governors are ambitious for their students”.

The College continues to invest extensively in our staff and our facilities, with the report highlighting that “leaders and managers also focus closely on the quality of the curriculum that they offer” and that “they work together effectively on well-considered capital projects, which lead to investment in improved resources and equipment for students.”  Our Governors know the college well, are very engaged in our development and support ongoing improvements, with inspectors reporting that “governors hold leaders to account effectively. This results in positive outcomes for students.”

The report has given us a range of helpful and constructive feedback that will be useful to inform the next phase of development planning.  As part of this, we plan to further improve consistency, including in the sequencing of the curriculum in some areas and by sharing the best practice seen in how teachers check students’ knowledge of new topics carefully and build on this.

It was also encouraging to see the impact that our commitment to ‘developing young professionals’ is already having and we will be taking this strategy further by ensuring that students benefit from links to employers and industry experts across their courses, and have opportunities such as work experience, where relevant.

For the full Ofsted report click here