Student Till Operatives

A WQE student working on the tills in the canteen

This year, WQE has been working closely with our new catering company, Aramark, to provide students with new opportunities, including student employment.

We recruited a small number of students to become Student Till Operatives. Their role involves handling the tills over the busy lunch time period. 

Aramark conducted a short Q&A with one of our Student Till Operatives, Nursrat, to get her thoughts about how the role has been:


What do you enjoy most about working for Aramark alongside your study?


I like the flexibility and how convenient the role is. I have never thought that I would have the opportunity to work inside my own college. This allows me to work and gain experience without having to struggle balancing my studies alongside. Any other job would require travel time and also it would be an unfamiliar environment. Aramark gave the opportunity to work in a familiar and friendly environment. I am surrounded by peers and I really enjoy working here. Being the same age as the customers allows a higher level of understanding, which allows me to cater to them at my best abilities.


What skills has your employment taught you?


I always thought that I had decent communication skills, but working here has taught me that there is always more to learn. Each customer is different and many situations can arise, which require different approaches. I have gained a lot of insight in terms of what kind of language, tone and facial expressions to use. I learned the importance of calm and patience. During rush hours many things are happening at the same time and there is a lot of pressure, I have been slowly learning how to navigate through it.

A WQE student working on the tills in the canteen

Alongside operating the till, if we could teach you any other skills, what would they be?


Some other skills I would like to develop are things like problem solving, leadership and planning. I think it would be quite useful and interesting getting to know more about the management.


Do you think that working for Aramark has prepared you for future long term employment, outside of college? If so, please provide detail.


It definitely has. Although one might think they have a certain skill, you never know until you find yourself in that situation. This experience is very precious to me as it will act as the building blocks to any future career I will choose. The skills I am learning here are adaptable and transferable to any area.