WQE Young Professionals

WQE exists to inspire, prepare and enable the development of young professionals, through the provision of excellent post-16 educational opportunities. 

We primarily serve Leicester, Leicestershire and the surrounding areas, as a provider of distinctive, accessible and high quality sixth form (16-19) education. We  enable Advanced Level success and encourage our students in their early development as professionals. The next step for our students is progression to higher education or good quality employment & training.

We set out to inspire our students, nurture ambition and to prepare them for the future, where they will be ready as responsible and versatile citizens; curious about the world around them with an ongoing commitment to further learning and development in their lives.

As a leading local provider within the wider education system, we collaborate and respond locally to ensure our sixth form college curriculum is coherent, unrivalled in choice, ambitious and relevant.  We provide a vital bridge from the school system at age 16 to higher education and future employment and skills opportunities, by providing high quality educational experiences in an excellent learning environment.