Film Studies A-Level

Course Overview

Entry Qualifications

In addition to the standard College entry requirements (see below) this course also normally requires students to have achieved grade 5 or above in GCSE English Language.

What will I study?

Film Studies is designed to deepen your understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of film. You will study film as a medium, an art form and as a social and cultural institution, and there will be a deep engagement with a wide range of film experiences. The course will develop a number of key skills such as critical analysis and application of this knowledge in making films and writing screenplays. Although there is a detailed textual approach being offered here, similar to English Literature, at the core of this course is a clear recognition of how films are made. There will be a clear focus on the aesthetic choices made by filmmakers and how this might impact on you, in the production of your own practical work.

How will I study?

You will have to engage with a large number of films and the most important thing is to be actively involved in analysing and discussing them in the classroom. The course is designed to build on your existing knowledge of film and further develop this by exploring a diverse and challenging set of film texts. The lessons will involve a great deal of group work, presentations and close analysis. The films that you will encounter will be available on the college e-stream so that independent work can take place outside of lessons. We have excellent editing facilities and cameras for filmmaking which can be used for the non-examination assessment. We also have a designated computer room which can be utilised for screenplay writing and film research.

How is the course examined?

Assessment for A Level Film Studies is made up of three components. There will be two examinations taken at the end of the course and also a non-examination assessment (coursework) component.

Where next?

Film Studies is recognised by universities and degree-awarding institutions as a valid entry qualification for a wide number of degree courses, including those at Russell Group universities. A number of former students have also secured jobs in the creative industries from feature production work for the BBC and MTV to working for film distribution companies. This can be the start of a career in the film industry.

What does the course combine well with?

Film Studies combines well with any level three course, but especially arts-based subjects such as English Literature and Drama. It also is a fine combination with Art or Photography. 

College Entry Requirements

We normally expect applicants to have achieved good GCSE passes in at least six subjects, these must:

• demonstrate the suitability for Advanced Level study

• have been achieved at Grade 4/C as a minimum

• include two at Grade 5/B as a minimum

• include English Language – a minimum grade of 4/C

Mathematics – If not achieved within the scope of the above should normally be achieved at grade 3/D. If mathematics is not achieved at grade 4/C then it will be a requirement to continue to study at the correct level until a grade 4 is achieved. Subjects with a mathematical content will require a higher grade.