ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Entry 1/2/3 and Level 1

Entry Qualifications

Your level will be determined by an interview and written test.

What will I study?

The course offers you the opportunity to improve your reading, writing and verbal communication skills. You will look at lots of different types of texts, for example newspapers, timetables and leaflets.

The course is designed to develop your ability to understand and use effective English in your everyday life and to support the development of your English skills to benefit your other subjects.

You will be given a short assessment at the start of the course to determine your level and to ensure that you can work with people at the same level as you.

How will I study?

A combination of individual work, group work, class discussions, ICT sessions and individual research sessions. You are encouraged to work together to solve problems.

How is the course examined?

Assessment is by formal exams; reading, writing, speaking and listening (group discussions) the exam board for this course is Edexcel.

You will be given lots of chances to practice for the formal exams as well as the chance to complete a range of work to further develop your skills.

Where next?

Progression is student-led. It is possible to pass more than one level in a year. Students go on to study GCSE English.

What does the course combine well with?

Functional skills entry students will also undertake maths and ICT qualifications.


College Entry Requirements

Your level will be determined by an interview and written test.


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