Psychology and Criminology Students Visit London

WQE- Preparing Young Professionals

On 8th February 2024, a group of Psychology and Criminology students visited London for an overnight trip to learn more about their courses.

The group arrived at London Zoo where the students saw an array of different animals. After this, they took part in the Jack the Ripper walk, where the tour guide explained the deaths of the victims and included the different theories of who Jack the Ripper actually was.  The crimes have yet to be solved. 

The next day, the group headed back into the centre of London and visited the Clink Museum – the oldest prison in London. Students were able to gain a good understanding of the horrendous conditions and punishments that prisoners were exposed to.

The students then had some free time, where they were set the challenge to take the best picture of London.  The winner was Stephy with her edited picture of “Skinner’s Lane”.  She won as Skinner is one of the most influential Psychologists in the world of behaviourism and she added rats on the photo. 

The final activity was to visit the Freudian Museum – the last residence of Freud before he died.  Students were able to see his house and be taught more about his work on Psychoanalysis.

Jaymini attended the trip and said the following: “It was very fun and it was nice to get free time in London. All the activities were fun but the Jack the Ripper walk was a little scary!”