Community and Culture

WQE is a passionate and inclusive learning community; very proud of our reputation as a friendly and welcoming college.

Our campuses are such an open and friendly places, full of energy and vitality, that it is not only a wonderfully supportive learning community but also a hugely positive and enjoyable lesson in life.

There is a very strong sense of camaraderie among our students; the College is hugely welcoming and sociable, where people from different cultures, faiths and backgrounds get to learn and socialise together on a daily basis – creating a strong sense of togetherness and community.

What we cherish most is our students’ drive, energy and enterprise, and we encourage them at all times to develop their own ideas, to challenge us as we challenge them, and to show initiative and innovation.

It is no coincidence that WQE students come across as confident, self-reliant, mature young adults with a sense of common venture, an attitude to succeed and with high aspirations in life.


“Being part of a huge, diverse community.  People at WQE are so approachable and friendly, making the two years that you spend here fly by. There are also so many staff that will really go out of their way to help.”

Meghan Brooks

English Literature, Law, Sociology and the EPQ 

three close-up pictures of students smiling and laughing