London Psychology Trip 2022

On the 1st – 2nd December, our Psychology students had a incredible opportunity to go to London. The aim of the visit was to explore parts of the mandatory curriculum for Psychology, as in order to be successful on the course, students must work towards developing a detailed understanding of how phobias can be treated via hypnosis – which the 2 hour workshop can provide at London Zoo.  Furthermore, The Freudian Museum hold details of case studies that Freud himself and his team worked on – again something the students can use in their studies.  Lastly, a visit to the London Dungeons was completed to further explore the history of crime and punishment, specifically the history of the infamous murderer Jack the Ripper.

One of our students wrote the following review of the experience:

“Our trip to London was wonderful. The coach was very cosy and warm. We went to the London Dungeons which was very interesting, and the actors were amazing. We also had the chance to explore the London Eye. After that we had a man show us where most of Jack the Ripper’s victims were found, which was absolutely great except the fact that it was so cold! The hotel we stayed at was decent and the rooms were well kept and modern looking.

The breakfast buffet we had the morning after was delicious. There were plenty of options which almost seemed limitless! We then had a talk about phobias, how people develop them and how to treat them. We then had a chance to explore the city again before we visited Sigmund Freud’s House. Personally, I found that his office the most interesting part. Lastly the ride back to Leicester was nice and peaceful, everyone was having fun and relaxing. Overall the trip was extremely nice and we all enjoyed very much.”

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