ACT Early on concerns about radicalisation

In November 2020, CT Policing launched the ACT Early website to encourage family and friends to share concerns about a loved one being radicalised.

To build on the launch’s success, CT Policing will be running an eight week digital partnership with Netmums, launching in July 2021. This partnership will promote the ACT Early website as the authoritative website to go to for people concerned about radicalisation.

It also aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the vulnerability of young people to radicalisation and encourage parents (with children 12+) to act early with any concerns.
  • Educate parents about the dangers and the signs to spot to help protect their children from online radicalisation dangers.
  • Show that CT Policing have a role to play in safeguarding and are there to support and not criminalise if parents act early.


Part of the digital partnership includes a ‘drop in clinic’ where parents can as a Prevent Officer questions and seek advice.

This is an opportunity to speak directly to concerned members of the public and achieve the aims listed above.

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