WQE works closely with local community

WQE College joined local Councillors and Police at the Castle Community Meeting, to discuss improvements to community relations in Victoria Park and Clarendon areas of Leicester.

Associate Principal of WQE, Donna Trusler met virtually with Cllr Patrick Kitterick, Cllr Danny Myers, Cllr Dr Deborah Sangster and Insp Adam Archer on 30th September, to address local residents, businesses and student groups. The group acknowledged the impact of increased numbers of students returning to the city’s colleges and universities.

Police identified concerns stemming from increased reports of robbery in the Clarendon Park and Riverside areas, which trigged their ‘darker nights’ campaign, prompting all to be vigilant and stay safe. The campaign reminds people to follow security measures and avoiding walking alone, especially at night.

Ms Trusler emphasised on the importance of staying safe. Highlighting the College’s response to street safety, she delved into the College’s heightened safeguarding procedure, which ensures the security of thousands of students every year.

Ms Trusler said: “We are extremely lucky to have such a proactive community around us at WQE. We look forward to working closely with residents to establish some key projects in which our students can participate, further embedding them into the community and ensuring local residents are both well informed and active voices as we move forward together. We look forward to the next round of community meetings.”

Updates to follow as plans are implemented.


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