Academic Success

WQE is an academic community with an incredible breadth of experience and ability that provides a platform for academic and personal growth.

Through our passionate and dedicated teaching, our students become empowered and confident enough to explore and to discover just what they are capable of and just how much they can achieve.

WQE has a long-established record of success We recognise that academic achievement is fundamental to any successful educational experience, and examination results are important criteria that students, parents and carers will take into account when deciding on post-16 study. And WQE has a long-established record of success.

Our students typically undertake and complete full and demanding programmes, and our retention rates are exceptionally high.

We are particularly pleased that we have been able to maintain the highest standards while at the same time welcoming into College an increasing number of students with a wide range of abilities.

“The teachers have in-depth knowledge of their subjects so are amazing to discuss topics and work with. The level of subject content, quality of learning resources and conduct and enthusiasm of fellow students never ceases to impress me.”

Abdul Karim Ismail

Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics