Sociology GCSE

Entry Qualifications

5 GCSEs grade 3-4 (D/C), consisting of at least two grade 4s and three grade 3s, including English Language.

What will I study?

Understanding society and social interaction through the study of a variety of approaches in sociology including: functionalist approach, Marxist approach and feminist approach. You will also study the crime and deviance in society, and the role of the mass media in creating a moral panic in society. You will study the role of the education system – considering whether it serves to help individuals adjust to adult life, or whether schools and colleges have an alternative agenda. Finally, you will learn about research methodology in sociology and the importance of this in Sociology.

How will I study?

Students will often be working independently, with guidance from their teachers. Students might, for example, be creating a leaflet, poster, user guide etc. Students will also undertake group work, such as presentations, role- play. It must also be remembered that Sociology has a substantial body of factual information, which ranges from research studies and concepts to theory and methodologies. Students are expected to revise and learn these and employ them effectively to master exam technique and extended essay writing. Students are also expected to keep up to date with contemporary issues, not only in the UK, but also in the globalised world we live in today. Candidates will be expected to answer all questions relating to stimulus material, as well as short answer questions. Some questions will require extended writing and will assess the quality of written communication.

Where next?

Particularly relevant to advanced courses in sociology, but any social science courses such as, psychology, health and social care. Careers which focus strongly on effective interactions with others e.g. social work, journalism, teaching, caring fields.

What does the course combine well with?

Complementary subjects are Psychology, Health and Social Care, and Biology.

How is the course examined?

Unit One – Sociological Approaches and Research Methods; Families; and Education.

Unit Two – Social Stratification; Crime and Deviance; and Theory and Methods.

Each unit is assessed by a written exam consisting of a range of questions.