If you ask students what they like about the College, they frequently highlight our enrichment programmes. We are proud of our tradition of offering students the opportunity to participate in additional courses and activities that broaden their experience, and develop their personal skills.

All of our first-year students and most of our second years follow an enrichment course; some may complement examinable subjects, while others help develop skills that may be important for higher education, employment or simply adult life.

Enrichment is designed to closely meet the needs of students; responding to the outcome of a student survey and focus groups. The programme allows you to choose a ‘theme’ for your enrichment that may be more closely linked to your academic programme, progression plans or personal interests.

Consider what you might choose and why and how what you do might enhance your CV and/or prepare you for your next step and the future as you firm up progression plans.

The programme which is available has been grouped into strands or themes of activity which may help decide what you want or need to do.

Whatever your motivation there should be something that appeals. So… have a look …have a think…and consider your choices.

Includes many visual performing and expressive arts courses and much more.

CAD for Design and Architecture


Comedy Club

Community Theatre


Creative Crafts

Digital Arts

Music – Open Mic and Bands

Spark your creativity

WQE Musical Cabaret enrichment

A variety of options including competitive and recreational sport.

Back to Netball

Badminton Recreational

Badminton Team

Bootcamp Fitness

Boxing Fitness

Conditioning and Toning

Couch to 5K

Cricket Team

Football Recreational


Men’s Basketball Team

Men’s Football Team

Men’s Rugby Team


Netball Team

Short Tennis (Cardio Tennis)


Strength & Conditioning

Studio Exercise

Table Tennis

Tennis for beginners


Women’s Basketball

Women’s Cricket

Women’s Football

Women’s Rugby

A chance to help others in a number of ways including mentoring and ambassador type roles.

Student Ambassador

An opportunity to try something you have considered,  or continue to a higher level something you currently do.

Creative Writing

Cinema Appreciation

Design and Sew Your Own Summer Outfit

European Film

It’s magic!


Student Newspaper

A list of subject specific or skill development activities aimed at improving your literacy, numeracy, subject knowledge etc and also challenging you to achieve top grades.

Catch up and improve – Social Sciences
Visual Arts Portfolio Building

Targeted at personal and skill development; helping to make you employable in a competitive market. Getting you ready for life in general after WQE and will include such things as financial awareness and global citizenship.

Classical World

Criminology (A beginner’s guide)



Financial Skills for your Future

Global issues and Geographical skills

Law for Daily Life

Physics and the world around you

Practical Psychology research skills for everyone

Sociological issues explored through film

Thinking and reasoning


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