A Day For Ukraine

As circumstances in Ukraine continue to worsen, it is appropriate and timely that we are able to give staff and students the opportunity to show support to the Ukrainian community and to make a difference through the Disasters Emergency Committee too.

The invitation to wear blue and/or yellow on Wednesday of this week is one small way in which our college community can come together to show support for the people of Ukraine and those members of our college community who may have connections to the country too.

What is unfolding in Ukraine is now providing a daily reminder about the importance of our own fundamental British Values of Democracy, Respect and Tolerance, Individual Liberty and Rule of Law, We perhaps take these for granted too much and the incredible spirit of the Ukrainian people in defending the independence of their country, their democracy and their right to choose how they live, has of course dominated international discussion and action.  The refugee crisis and the appalling conditions, now developing for those who have remained in Ukraine, show just how quickly circumstances have changed and how displacement, the loss of homes, possessions or even family and friends have seemingly strengthened the resolve of people to stand up for their country and for their beliefs.  Those beliefs are clearly so similar to our own and seeing them undermined as they have been is difficult to watch and to take in.

We hope that staff and students will wear something yellow and/or blue during Wednesday of this week and that students might also take the opportunity to talk about these international events with their peers and our staff.  Our staff will of course be ready to listen to our students, especially if a discussion about these events and their impacts might be helpful on an individual basis.


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